Christine+de+PisanI guess you could call me a writer’s writer. As Unicorn for Writers Vice President for Editorial Services unicornforwriters.com, I am always looking for compelling stories, both fiction and non-fiction. I just love to start reading the first page of a manuscript where the words just jump off the page. Commas, we can add (or delete), paragraphs we can move around – how did all those great authors write without computers? – but putting words together in ways that grip the reader, I’m not sure that can be taught.

We are very small, and therefore have to be very selective, but you can always join us at our yearly conference in March at Reid Castle on Manhattanville College campus in Purchase, NY – 30 miles from New York City. At the conference you can meet one-on-one with top New York City agents and editors. unicornwritersconference.com. You can also go to Black Hawk Literary Agency website and tell us about your manuscript. To learn about my current project, The Rex Deus Society: Jeanne de Charney’s Tale, go to my website: ebmcgee.com

The picture is of Christine de Pizon, born in France in 1364. She was one the earliest women writers to support herself and her children by her writing after her young husband died. She wrote the biography of the French king, Charles V.